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I’m an ordinary person who came upon an extraordinarily bad charitable organization. I had no intention of being an activist but I couldn’t remain silent in the face of what I learned and continue to discover.

I am neither a contributor to nor administrator of any Facebook group or page regarding animal rescue of any kind. Though I started my own since-deleted page on Facebook, everything on this site is my own research, analysis and commentary unless otherwise specified.

I welcome intelligent, constructive advice, correction, elaboration and conversation. I have no patience for fallacies, especially ad hominems, so don’t waste time—yours or mine. Any comment with excessive profanity, blatant fallacies or other juvenile behavior will be deleted.

This is not Facebook!

I attempted my first dog rescue at age four and gave my entire family hookworms as a result. I don’t remember that of course but I’ve been an animal lover my entire life. I’ve personally rescued a starved Quarter Horse (with a friend), a 22 year old umbrella cockatoo and many dogs and cats. By personally I mean bringing the animal into my physical care from a bad situation, getting that animal healthy using my own money and sometimes finding the animal a suitable home, not donating money or purchasing an animal from a “rescue.”

Don’t misunderstand, there are many fabulous animal rescues in the US. I’ve been associated closely with one and tangentially with others so I know how rescue is supposed to work. Just one example out of innumerable others: Lancaster County SC’s March 2020 rescue of 26 starved and half-dead Siberian Huskies plus one cat.

Because I know what real rescue looks like, GARD appalls me in more ways than I can count. As they come to me I’ll post my thoughts and evidence.