Love to Live & New Jersey Law

If you’ve purchased (aka “adopted”) a sick animal from Love to Live Animal Rescue in New Jersey, you have options.

The New Jersey Pet Purchase Protection law states:

56:8-95. Deceptive practice; minimum standards

h. If at any time within 14 days after the sale and delivery of an animal to a consumer, the animal becomes sick or dies and a veterinarian certifies, within the 14 days after the date of purchase of the animal by the consumer, that the animal is unfit for purchase due to a non-congenital cause or condition, or that the animal died from causes other than an accident, the consumer is entitled to the recourse described in subsection i. of this section.

For information on applying for restitution for sick animals, see the NJ Department of Consumer Affairs bulletin.

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  • Laurie White

    I haven’t been involved with Love To Live/Gard/, Joy Bohannon or Kim Janel for years now but they haven’t changed their spots. I use to think that Kim Janel was just sucked in and unaware but now I’m not so sure. When she saw that I liked a “Gard Defense Exposed” page on facebook she began posting multiple lies on facebook. The one that cracked me up the most was in 2018 a friend of mine had a local dog surrendered to her. The poor thing was on deaths bed. She needed to go out of town on a family emergency and asked Kim Janel for help, which she did. She was able to get the dog to a vet and even pay for some of the costs. My friend felt blessed that Kim was their to help. We decided to start a GoFundMe page to raise money to reimburse Kim Janel. Which we did. She has now posted lies on facebook that a sick dog was dropped off on her doorstep by a rescue that wouldn’t take responsibility, that she was there to do what the rescue wouldn’t and she raised money…blah blah blah!!! She is bad mouthing a REPUTABLE RESCUE, it’s CEO and me with nothing more than LIES!!!. She likes to tell everyone what a hero she is. Constantly patting herself on the back while she is doing illegal dog adoption events on her front lawn. Her standard response is that she helps poor dogs no matter how they come into this world. Its one thing to help dogs, it’s another to support the person that is abusing them, breeding them and finance the conditions that live in. SHAME ON YOU KIM JANEL.

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