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GARD’s IRS 990s Pt 3

I spent a good bit of the morning looking through the on-site video I took hoping I caught good shots of both mobile homes. Alas, nothing good enough to use for analysis. Fortunately the Bryan County Tax Assessment office has a good bit of information.

The value of the one mobile home listed on the assessor’s report (images from 2008) for 2018 is $23,600. It was built in 2001, 28’x76’ and in average condition. I cannot tell if the 2018 Valuation Summary includes the other mobile home. At any rate, since the mobile home has been there since at least 2008 the kind of depreciation calculations that may be used are limited. Using the straight line depreciation calculator at Calculator Soup with purchase value $49,000, salvage value of $2,000 and lifespan of, oh say 30 years with January 2001 as placed in service, we get $1,566.67 in annual depreciation.

Hm. So let’s double that for the other mobile home just to be generous for a 2018 depreciation of $3,133.34.

So far we’ve accounted for $4,700 in mobile home depreciation and $5,440.00 in vehicle depreciation. That comes to $13,432 which is very close to the amount GARD reported on their 2017 990, Section 9 line 22: $13,305.

We are short $8,197 to get to the 2018 reported $21,630 in depreciation. Incidentally, in 2016 the same line reported $19,251 and in 2011 $769.

Where did the extra $8,197 come from? And since we know the mobile homes are in Joy Bohannon and husband Phillip Rutherford’s names, why is no compensation reported for Joy?

Things that make me go hmmmmm.

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