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How hot is too hot?

Taking a break from IRS data to examine the Animal Protection Inspection (API) Report dated yesterday, 07/23/2020 issued by an inspector, Beth Miller, with the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Companion Animal Division. GARD posted these images to their Facebook page, the first time I’ve seen them post an API Report anywhere. Interesting that it happened the same day they realized I had started examining earlier API reports on my own now-removed Facebook page. Seems an unlikely coincidence but I have no proof otherwise.

Page 1
Page 2

The weather in Pembroke, GA was typical for late July. High 95°F and humidity 53% at 3pm. Hot and sultry. Part of the API Report regards Adequate Temperature Control. According to GA law:

Rule 40-13-13-.01 Definitions (2)“Adequate temperature control” means indoor housing facilities for pets are sufficiently heated and/or cooled when necessary to protect the animals from excessive heat or from chilling, freezing or from any physical damage. Except for equines, the ambient temperatures should not be allowed to fall below 45F degrees or rise above 85F degrees, for animals that are not acclimated.

“Not acclimated.” Not sure how that’s being interpreted by Beth Miller but I interpret that to mean that outdoor animals like livestock are not expected to be boarded in an air conditioned barn. Fair enough. But 120+/- dogs in sheds and under tarp frames? Beth Miller apparently doesn’t think 95°F at 53% humidity is “excessive heat” for dogs. When she visited GARD at 10:55am EDT the temperature was 90°F and 60% humidity. Perhaps she didn’t think of the coming afternoon’s probable conditions?

This is the part of the GARD compound from the air. The circled areas provide some shade but hardly a comfortable existence for animals in those enclosures.

Then there are the sheds. Sure it’s shady but it feels like an oven inside those metal sheds. Nice choice GARD is giving these dogs: shady and cooked or sunny and really hot?

So much for animal welfare.

Speaking of animal welfare, look what wandered past me as I was waiting for the non-employee Chuckie to arrive. A loose dog that was not secured at any time while I was present.

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