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GARD “Adoption” Event

In June a friend and I attended a GARD “adoption” event in Savannah, Georgia. Though they call it an “event,” Amy Carter Clark required a pre-approved adoption application in order to get the address. Only pre-approved individuals were supposed to be there. I’d been approved two months earlier and didn’t intend to get a dog but I went along for the ride.

The first location was the outside of a debt collection agency. That surprised me until I learned more about how GARD works in New Jersey. The following video was taken at that location. We knew obvious video-taking wouldn’t be allowed so we contrived to do it without being obvious. I’ve removed sections with children caught in the video for obvious reasons.

Pay attention to the animals’ grooming. All of these dogs had been in GARD’s care since January yet they are matted and smelled awful in mid-June. When we first arrived they were setting up and the dogs weren’t given water for some time after (more on that later.) Edit: I’m figuring out WordPress and video so for now, please use this link to the video.

Four and half months after taking possession of these dogs and they’re still matted to the skin? Nails much too long? Stench so bad we had to drive home with the windows down to keep me from gagging? This isn’t rescue.


  • Angela Boyd

    I adopted a sweet puppy in June (28?) from Gard. He was horribly sick. The event was Sunday-1 am Monday morning he was very ill. Off to the vet to find he had Giardia, kennel cough and pneumonia. He was hospitalized for five days. He needed ivs and oxygen. He remains on antibiotics today (5 weeks later). The vet confirmed his illnesses were most likely improper care. I could not get Anyone to respond to my frantic emails for five days. Finally a mutual friend got a response from Gard. I’m sure there were more puppies sick that day. Would love to talk with other adopters.

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