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$24,913/yr net from “transport” fees

I’ve heard from several people that GARD charges a $160 transport fee for every animal they sa—um, “adopt” in New Jersey. That’s on top of the “adoption” fee. To my knowledge GARD sends animals to NJ weekly.

One hundred sixty dollars per animal struck me as excessive. Since I’m me, I decided to run the calculation using 2018 numbers since that’s the most recent 990 I have for GARD. I have no evidence that GARD pays its drivers mileage or a per diem but I’m being generous with my parameters. If I err it will be to GARD’s end of the analysis.

The parameters:

$160/animal, 10 animals/week for 50 weeks of the year  =$80,000 annual gross transport income, does NOT include sale, aka “adoption” fees

787 miles one way from Pembroke GA to Ringoes NJ, 1,574 miles round trip/78,700 miles annually (Mapquest, I-95 route)

Driving the NV2500 HD 2018: mpg ranges 13.3 in 2017 to 11.6 in 2018, so let’s divide difference for 12.45mpg

Gas prices in 2018: GA $2.70, NJ $2.89 so use the greater for $367.37 fuel/round trip $18,268.51 annual

Operation costs: no vans listed so let’s use the mid-size SUV values.

Mid-size SUV 12.43¢ per mile for 78,700 miles = $9,782.41

Paid drivers: professional truck drivers get 28-50¢ per mile but GARD’s drivers aren’t CDL holders so we’ll use 28¢

$0.28 x 78,700 = $22,036

Per diem $100/trip, $5000 annual

The results:

Total Costs: $55,086.92

Net profit: $80,000 – $55,086.92 = $24,913.08

Remember, this is only the “transportation fee.” If we use $350/animal as the sale price and subtract oh, half for the costs associated with the animal, 500 animals per year @$175/animal, add $87,500 to the net transport gain for $112,413.08 annual net profit. Not a bad return for hauling animals to New Jersey once a week with Thanksgiving and Christmas off.

I’d really like to see a forensic accountant’s report on GARD. <sigh> One day maybe.

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