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Evans County, GA covers vet expenses

I mentioned my friend worked in rescue for a long time and she wasn’t sure about Georgia’s regulations on animals in county shelters being released to private rescue groups. I started wondering as I’m wont to do so last week I sent the following email to four county shelters in the South Georgia area from which GARD pulls dogs and cats using what’s called a “rescue hold.”

Dear (enter name here)

When an animal rescue organization takes a dog/puppy or cat/kitten from your facility for the purposes of adoption, has each dog/puppy or cat/kitten been spayed and vaccinated prior to release from your facility?

If not, are any veterinary expenses incurred by the rescue organization covered under your facility’s budget?

Thank you for your assistance.

Thus far I’ve received a reply from the Evans County, GA code administrator. I’m hiding his cell number and both email addresses on this image of the email string to be safe but I’ll give the email file to any state or federal investigator who asks.

Summary: the animals GARD is taking from the Evans County Animal Shelter have already been spayed/neutered and had any egregious heath issues addressed. GARD pays nothing whatsoever for that care. When GARD sells these dogs the only money GARD has in them is food. That $300+ sale aka “adoption” fee is almost completely profit.

Note: the email string runs from most recent backwards. Start at the bottom of the image.

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