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GA Dept of AG: Veterinary records ≠ facts

Today is a milestone for me so I won’t be doing much GARD research and analysis. I was, however, given permission to post video of the unvetted, undocumented dog my friend and I went to Savannah to retrieve. The video was taken the afternoon upon returning home from Savannah with Finn and my friend’s dog.

Make sure your audio is turned on. Hear that coughing? No one will ever convince me the GARD people didn’t know that dog was sick long before we picked him up. Took two vet visits and two rounds of strong antibiotics to clear up a nasty case of Bordetella, commonly known as Kennel Cough, that according to the vet had been festering in the poor dog’s lungs for quite some time. Weeks most likely. Listening to that little guy hack for three hours drove us nuts.

A complaint about another GARD dog adopted with Kennel Cough was submitted to the Georgia Department of Agriculture. I don’t have that complaint but I do have sections of the investigative report compiled by a Dianna Sellers dated 06/01/2020.

Keep in mind, my friend’s dog was still at GARD when Dianna Sellers “inspected” GARD.

Dianna Sellers’ response boils down to:

  1. Bordetella is not a “reportable disease” (true but that’s not the point, the point is the individual who purchased the dog got a sick dog)
  2. GARD’s sanitation procedures are sufficient to prevent spread of disease (ridiculous on its face and doesn’t mean mandated procedures are being followed at GARD’s facility) and
  3. The complaint is “unfounded” (so veterinary records of the examination and treatment of the ill dog by a licensed veterinarian are not facts.)

Given the absurd results of the investigation into the complaint, I’ve a suspicion that the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s inspectors are either intentionally ignoring what is happening at GARD or a number of its inspectors are insufficiently qualified for their jobs.

Can you think of any other logical conclusion? If so please leave a note in the comments.


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