Georgia Animal Rescue & Defence Inc,  Show me the money

“We don’t have a fee anymore.” “Wait, we do.” “No we don’t. . ..”

I thought GARD had dropped the “application fee” which comes up as a “donation” in PayPal. A family member decided to check that after seeing the comments on yesterday’s Facebook post about “Punky Brewster” in which an admin said there was no application fee.

Surprise! The fee still exists as of 11:24 pm August 1, 2020.

Application fee or donation?

GARD is raking in the cash with their fee/donation scheme considering they’re keeping the same animals up “for adoption” long enough to get multiple applications per dog. When one wants to try for a different animal it’s another ten dollars.

As I said yesterday, application fees aren’t necessarily a scam provided care is taken to prevent multiple applications for one animal and fees are refunded if the applicant is refused. GARD’s scheme doesn’t come close to that standard.

Talk about a get rich quick scheme, all couched in “rescue.” These sorts of shenanigans cast a deep pall over real rescues.

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  • Matt Casazza

    …and further couched in “charity”. Think about that. “Charity”. Imagine having to “donate” money just for the chance to then “donate” more money. And that “donation” is made for the express purpose of receiving a particular living creature in return. After, of course, I fill out 6 pages of waivers and hold-harmless clauses. Then I get an animal for which I am ethically, morally and legally responsible to care for. When you out it that way it doesn’t sound like charity at all. It sounds like commerce cloaked in charity.

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