Georgia Animal Rescue & Defence Inc

GARD’s Cruelty on Display

GARD abandoned its Vimeo account sometime in 2013 but the channel still exists. Go watch the promo in full, paying special attention to the following three scenes.

Catastrophically crippled dog

That dog is terrified and almost certainly in pain. I doubt any veterinarian on the planet could’ve helped him walk again. Watching him struggle across stony ground with his genitals and legs dragging, looking behind himself because he knows he’s vulnerable to other dogs, is heartbreaking. He may well be in pain from his hindquarters dragging (inability to use his legs does NOT mean he cannot feel pain in them) and almost certainly is in pain from using his front legs and chest to drag himself along.

Most damning, the editor sped up the second half of the scene to give the impression that the dog is playing rather than fleeing. Watch it carefully and you’ll see where the speed increases.

At the end of the scene they have the nerve to say:

We believe every dog deserves a life worth living.

Really?? Are you people delusional?

How anyone could stand there and watch that poor dog in obvious distress while plotting to use his misery in a money grab is beyond me. God only knows how long that dog suffered for GARD’s bank account.

Malnourished dog

Not quite as bad as the crippled dog but bad enough. The dog in the frame is obviously malnourished yet is in a pen with other dogs (note the additional food pans) against which (s)he must compete for food when the human isn’t using the dog for money. Not to mention a dog in this condition should be carefully fed to prevent gastrointestinal, hepatic, renal and endocrine complications.

But no, GARD throws dry dog food at the dog and films the dog’s hunger. And how long had GARD been in possession of that dog?

Injured Dog

Any reputable rescue would have this dog alone in an enclosure rather than among healthy dogs against which the injured dog hasn’t a chance when competing for food, space etc. And why isn’t the injured leg bandaged? Oh wait, a bandage wouldn’t bring in as many contributions as an open wound and a limping, staggering dog being overrun by uninjured dogs.

And again, a despicable human behind the camera watching this dog limp and whine instead of actually helping the dog.

Go ahead and delete the Vimeo account. I have the video backed up and the Wayback Machine has five snapshots of the account. GARD can’t delete that.

The cruelty is grimly ironic coming from a group claiming to care about animals. God only knows how many other animals have suffered and still suffer on that property.

Complete and total depravity on display.

Note: when I pulled the clips from the promo video I removed the audio. Not just because it’s nauseatingly hypocritical. The audio adds unnecessary bytes to the file and unlike GARD I’m using my own money.

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