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GARD’s Dangerous Dogs Allowed to Roam

A 2017 Go Fund Me campaign is evidence that Joy Bohannon keeps a large number of human-aggressive dogs on her property. I’ve heard that before but the Go Fund Me campaign is hard data that turns “someone said” into information I’m comfortable posting. Bohannon wrote: 

We hope that you can help us on our next endeavor.  Our shelter is packed to the capacity with many animals who are deemed “unadoptable” due to behavioral issues.  As you are aware we are a no-kill shelter which we are very proud of but at this time we have hit a point where we need more space to save more lives.


We are hoping and praying that you or someone you know may be able to help us.  The property already has a building on it which we plan to use for our administrative offices, our meet and greet location for potential adopters, an indoor cat room as well as an indoor puppy room. There will also be more land for sanctuary areas and play yards.

In a January 26, 20182 Bohannon updated the page with:

UPDATE: We were able to purchase the property!! We still need financial assistance with making loan payments and with renovations, so any help is greatly appreciated. Any building supplies or fencing that can be donated would also be wonderful. We are so excited about this opportunity to grow and thank all of our supporters!

Taking Bohannon at her word, a portion of the expanded acreage is being used to keep many animals who are deemed “unadoptable” due to behavioral issues.” Human-aggressive dogs certainly are “unadoptable.” The rhetorical tip-toeing is admirable.

How much acreage are those dogs are allowed to roam? How are the human-aggressive dogs contained and managed? I haven’t located anything that looks like large-scale fenced areas but the majority of the property is under tree canopy. Since those dogs are by definition not being cared for like domesticated dogs I wouldn’t expect to see dog houses.

I have unhappy personal experience with packs of feral dogs. Those dogs aren’t happy or healthy and I can’t imagine how the dogs are being vaccinated for rabies or anything else, much less wormed, given heartworm treatments, etc. Darting them with a tranquilizer? Or they aren’t vetted at all, which seems more likely.

If inspectors for the Georgia Department of Agriculture knew about the feral dogs around the “sanctuary” surely the situation and condition of those dogs would be a critical part of each inspection. Since no mention is made in any of the reports I have, I think the GA Department of Agriculture is unaware of the feral dogs.

I hope someone tips the GA Department of Agriculture to this dangerous situation before something terrible happens.

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  • Matt Casazza

    Ah yes, another classic maneuver. “We aren’t responsible enough to handle our own problem, so we’re passing along the obligation to you the unsuspecting public!”

    Read between the lines, folks: they are housing wild animals. Wild animals are not pets. They will not ever be adopted out. Yet GARD wants you to pay for them. Pay for what? If they are as GARD describes them, then what services could they possibly receive as a result of your donation? A doggy bed? New leash? Yummy treats?

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