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Double Standards and Inconsistencies

The Humane Society’s “Horrible Hundred for 2020” cites poor grooming and inadequate temperature control as cause to penalize and/or prosecute licensed animal facilities. On page 10 they write:

“Upon entry to facility the indoor/outdoor utility house has a total of 4 indoor enclosures which have an opening for dogs to freely access the outdoor area. This indoor area did not have sufficient lighting to perform inspection. A violation for lighting has been issued during this visit”; “Multiple enclosures are rusted and broken apart on the lower level of panels which expose animals to injury”; “accumulation of full trash cans collecting water. Interior of home was said by owner to have a vermin infestation of mice”; “Primary enclosures in the indoor section of utility house is in violation of sanitation due to layer of buildup within the enclosure. […] any buildup should be removed on a daily basis to prevent the layering of feces/urine”; “Humane care [was] found to be in violation due to 13 dogs on the property with matted hair which possibly covers 10% of body”; “3 dogs on the property appear to be in need of medical attention. A veterinarian exam report must be provided by email to Inspector within 72 hours…”; “in violation due to animals with vicious disposition not separated from other animals”; “No records were provided to us during this inspection”; “A stop order has been placed on [this] facility until all violations have been corrected”; “Mrs. Bray has more animals than she may be able to provide for daily.”

My friend sent me the link. We were stunned. Finn and my friend’s two Pomeranians from GARD were so matted over their entire bodies sections of their coats had to be cut to the skin to get mats and feces out of their coats. My friend is still trying to get the urine stains out of her undocumented Pomeranian’s remaining fur and that dog was very ill when we picked him up. Finn and my friend’s undocumented dog stank so terribly we drove home with the windows down. The facilities behind The Gate don’t look so great. The July 23, 2020 inspection report noted zip ties being used to keep hog panels together for Pete’s sake.

By the way, if 130 dogs were too many for this breeder why aren’t 130 dogs too many for GARD?

On page 12 of the report:

The licensee was issued a violation for inadequate temperature.

Temperature control? I’ve already posted about the excessive heat and humidity during the GA Department of Ag’s most recent visit to GARD. Is 90°F and 60% humidity considered “adequate temperature control” by the Department of Agriculture? Since they gave GARD a pass with nothing whatsoever said about temperature control I can only conclude the answer to that question is YES.

We saw far worse at GARD than much of what is written in this report yet on July 23, 2020 GARD was given a pass by the GA Department of Agriculture with hardly a word about problems. If one reads between the lines the problems are there but obscure.

Does the Georgia Department of Agriculture have any written standards and definitions for their reports or do inspectors to determine what is good enough and what isn’t based on. …?

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