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Something New Each Time I Look

I went to GARD’s 2018 990 to double check a board member name and stumbled across yet another misleading entry, misleading being the polite term for a lie.

Part 7 Section A line 1a list of officers:

Amy Clark (2) and Amy Carter (6) are the same person: Amy Carter Clark, the woman we met in Savannah. She’s changed her Facebook page quite a lot since we met her but it’s definitely her. Prior to the change a couple of weeks ago she had her full name on her personal page and is an admin on GARD’s Facebook page.

Why did GARD list the same woman with two different names and two different job descriptions on the officer list? I can’t fathom a reason but they must have one. Maybe because Amy Carter Clark claims to be working for GARD 50 hours a week? Maybe because she’s claiming to be both an “officer” and “individual trustee or director?” I’m not sure why but I am certain they listed the same woman with different last names in different positions.

Every time I open a GARD 990 I find another lie/omission/misleading statement. Makes me suspicious of everything about them I see.

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