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Mysteriously Missing Info

The following was noted in the FOI response I received:

I would love to know which Reportable Diseases were withheld. I’ve received a few FOI responses from this individual and none of the others indicated information about Reportable Diseases withheld from the request.

This is the Georgia Ag Department’s flier on Reportable Diseases.

Brucellosis, parvo, rabies–the list of “reportable diseases” is a fairly serious set of diseases that certainly accounts for many of the cases of adopted sick dogs I’ve heard about. Kennel cough, pneumonia and other serious canine diseases aren’t on the list but I know for a fact GARD has knowingly sold dogs ill with those non-reportable conditions.

Given the conditions documented by Dianna Sellers it’s little wonder the dogs are sick. But how sick?

Add: The law referenced is:

§ 4-11-9.7. Reporting of certain animal diseases and syndromes

(a) The Commissioner is authorized to declare certain animal diseases and syndromes to be diseases requiring notice and to require the reporting thereof to the department in a manner and at such times as may be prescribed by the Commissioner. The department shall require that such data be supplied as is deemed necessary and appropriate for the prevention and control of certain diseases and syndromes as are determined by the Commissioner. All such reports and data shall be deemed confidential and shall not be open to inspection by the public; provided, however, that the Commissioner may release such reports and data in statistical form, for valid research purposes, and for other purposes as deemed appropriate by the Commissioner.

(b) Any person, including, but not limited to, any veterinarian or veterinary diagnostic laboratory and practice personnel and any person associated with any pet dealer, kennel, animal shelter, or stable, submitting reports or data in good faith to the department in compliance with this Code section shall not be liable for any civil damages therefor.

Laws 2002, p. 1386, § 4.

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