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Justice for Sarge

When I first watched GARD’s aborted promo video I never imagined the poor dog was left in that condition for more than a day. Who could watch that dog struggle and suffer for more than ten minutes?

Joy Bohannon not only could but did.

Joy Bohannon left this dog to languish in her “sanctuary” at least four years. The staff she never reported took pity on Sarge and according to my information, he was the first dog fed in the morning (five cans of dog food.) At least a few humans in that garish pit of a “rescue” had a heart.

Sarge spent 1,460-some-odd days struggling and suffering in pain and fear. At some point he became desperately ill (I don’t know the diagnosis and doubt Bohannon spent the money to get a diagnosis) so a veterinarian was finally called to put him down. Supposedly there’s a headstone marking his grave.

I haven’t yet double sourced this piece of information but I not only believe, I’m outraged by it.

My newest piece of motivation: Justice for Sarge.

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  • Keturah Wylemski

    I finally steeled myself to watch this and I hope that at some point that there is even more verification of this although it is utterly heartbreaking to even consider. I cannot understand why this kind of behavior has been condoned by their supporters and enablers. It needs to end yesterday.

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