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GARD Sold Dogs to PA Pet Store in April 2020

This Certification of Veterinary Inspection dated April 28, 2020 was the first officially documented red flag I located. I did some research on Pets Paws Plus at 555 S Broad St Lansdale PA 19446. The “Consignee or Receiver” listed above is a retail pet shop doing business as “Pets Plus Natural.”

Pets Plus Natural is not a rescue. It’s a commercial pet store.

I haven’t yet found a sales receipt but I know for a fact GARD isn’t registered in Pennsylvania and Bohannon has a record of convictions for illegally selling dogs in PA.

Interesting transaction isn’t it?


  • Eleanor

    I found this info online regarding Pets Paws Plus in Lansdale, PA

    Pets Plus Lansdale
    Pets Plus Natural Adoption Centers!
    Pets Plus Natural teamed up with the Humane Society of the United States and various other animal shelters and rescues to find homes for rescued puppies, dogs, cats and kittens, and the occasional small animal that come from cruelty, neglect, and homelessness. Pets Plus Natural has become the model for the HSUS in the “Stop Puppy Mills” campaign to end the sale of commercially bred animals through the retail pet stores. Through the efforts of The HSUS, Pets Plus Natural, and the partnered rescues throughout the country, Countless thousands of lives are being saved along with success in driving puppy mills out of business. The lives that are being save come from the inhumane treatment they receive at the hands of questionable shelters that either euthanize when over populated, have animals that need personality rehabilitation, or the animals are just plain not wanted. The adoptable animals available at Pets Plus Natural come from local and national shelters with the single focus on saving lives

    • Casey

      The problem with this model is that it replaces licensed breeders with unlicensed “rescues.” Not to mention that the dogs GARD sent to Pets Paws Plus were completely unsocialized. The odds of those dogs being surrendered post-purchase are quite high and I’m sure none of the purchasers had the first clue that the animal they bought had no idea how to live in a home environment.

      Thanks for the info!

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