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Origins and Destinations

We’ve wondered about our dogs’ origins since my friend noted GARD’s ever-changing story about them: one day it’s a breeder bust, next day it’s a hoarder, etc. We’re curious, smart women so we went to work on it.

We found the point of origin and disturbing photographs taken on the scene immediately prior to the dogs being removed from the “inhumane” location to GARD’s cesspool. Despite missing metadata I’m confident of these photos’ authenticity.

These dogs traveled 80 miles ± 5 miles from their origin to GARD’s property at 100 Dichoric Drive in Pembroke GA stacked like cordwood in wire cages stuffed in an open trailer and the back of a pickup truck one day between January 14th and January 20th of 2020.

January 2020: GARD “rescuing” Pomeranians
January 2020: GARD “rescuing” Pomeranians
January 2020: GARD “rescuing” Pomeranians

I don’t have a precise date for these photographs but they had to be taken a maximum of seven days prior to GARD’s post about them on January 21st, where GARD plainly shows yet more dogs stacked in open wire crates in a pickup truck bed, presumably the pickup truck that pulled the open trailer of dog-stuffed crates down the interstate.

Can’t verify the photos to the right but the truck photo has been verified

The dogs traveled with at best a tarp thrown over the cages and I’m not certain of that. Based on weather records for January 15th, the high temperature was 79° with 62% humidity. The very best scenario has the dogs in these conditions moving at 60 mph for an hour and twenty minutes. The very worst scenario. . ..I can’t decide what that is. Regardless those tiny dogs were terrified.

We think we found Finn and Blondie in these photographs. I have nothing to say about their original owner nor the conditions as I wasn’t present and have no real data to go by except these photographs. I can compare the photos from their seizure in January 2020 with their conditions in June and I’m comfortable saying both dogs’ physical conditions were much better in January 2020 than in June 2020. Examining the trailer photographs carefully, I don’t see matting or feces embedded in their fur or infected eyes and ears on any of the dogs.

I’m 99.9% certain Finn is the small dog being crushed at the bottom of the cage on the left side (red square.) I can’t see much of him in the January photos but his coat looks better in that photo than when we brought him home.

Poor Blondie. I wish I could’ve taken her too. She really broke my heart.

Rescue is supposed to take animals from bad situations and place them in good situations. GARD did the opposite and from what I’m hearing, that’s been GARD’s modus operandi for many years. Not much longer God willing.


  • Anonymous

    I adopted a Pom from them in May – it came from this group of Poms they “rescued” in January… When I got to the adoption site they only had 2 female Poms for me to choose from when they knew I was driving 4 hours/8 hours roundtrip and they still had so many Poms available – they would not let me choose one ahead of time – kept telling me I have to choose from the one’s they have on site the day I am there – I love who I ended up with – luckily, she is in great condition except she did have worms which I had to take care of and only knew this from my own personal vet – nothing was told to me prior from GARD – the other female Pom they had there that day was so matted – really terribly matted and I made a comment asking why hasn’t she been groomed? and they said “Do you know how many dogs we have to take care of? We can’t possibly have the time and funds to groom every dog” and I said “Yeah buy you have her since January!” and this was May… I was so disgusted… Also, I had to constantly contact them and message them on Facebook for 3 weeks till I finally got “approved” and I know they never contacted my vet for a reference… And Amy said to me while I was filling out the paperwork on site that “You Pomeranian people are relentless” – I wanted say F**K YOU! so badly… What nerve… I felt like from the moment I started the process they were not wanting to find a good home for one of their Poms when (at the time) they had so many… I don’t know what their problem is but they don’t do a good job of taking care of these dogs at all imo…

  • Keturah Wylemski

    These pictures curdle my stomach. What kind of people cannot see this and be appalled? Those poms look well cared for, not rescued by some BYB. I am not a fan of breeders, but those poor dogs looked exceptionally well upon arrival and then the poor things looked like hell a short time later. And what in the name of God is this mode of “transportation”?

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