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North Shore, GARD and Love to Live

My friend shared this post on North Shore Animal League’s blog. Several items immediately snagged my attention and I sincerely hope the author of North Shore Animal League’s blog comes over to read a bit. I’d appreciate clarification, answers and conversation about our first-hand experience versus their blog post.

I’ve already posted the compare and contrast for Finn and Blondie, as well as the images of how those dogs were moved. In light of what we know firsthand and the photographs we have, I don’t believe North Shore’s claim that

“the coats of these dogs were all matted, and feces were caked on their tail areas.”

I’ve yet to see a photograph taken during that seizure to support that oft-repeated claim. I have seen and handled two of these dogs after five months in GARD’s custody and those dogs were in precisely that condition: matted to the skin, feces embedded in their fur, foul-smelling and miserable.

The facts I know do not jibe with North Shore’s blog.

Partners or not?

My first look at North Shore Animal League’s website came after I obtained and studied the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for the 40 Pomeranians North Shore received in late January 2020.

I searched North Shore’s “shelter partner” list to see if GARD was on it. Surprise—GARD was not on the list. I just checked it again (8/13/2020 10 pm using ZIP code 31321) and GARD still isn’t listed. Yet on the blog post dated January 31st 2020 North Shore says GARD is a “shelter partner.” Which is it?

Spot the Unit

I’m fascinated by North Shore’s claim that

As soon as they arrived on the scene with our Mobile Rescue Unit, our Rescue Team of Karla Agostinello and Ted Moriates could see that the dogs had been severely neglected.

In this blog post the author isn’t clear about precisely what their “Mobile Rescue Unit” is comprised of but it I found the following on North Shore’s website. Apparently the “Mobile Rescue Unit” is a large, expensive, well equipped vehicle.

Photo gallery at link

Where exactly was that vehicle when the Pomeranians were seized? If North Shore’s Mobile Unit was on site during the seizure I’d expect them to post photos of their very nice transport vehicle full of Pomeranians, not a wire cage in the bed of a pickup truck.

Come to think of it, in this blog post North Shore openly displays GARD’s photo of the dogs crammed into wire cages in the pickup bed. I take it North Shore has no issue with that form of transportation for 80 miles?

Where are the photos?

In the blog post North Shore writes:

Photos showed that they had been kept in horrific conditions and many were just left outside all the time in all types of weather. Our shelter partner has informed us that the state of Georgia is gathering information and evidence so they can press charges of animal cruelty against this heartless owner.

My information contradicts the first sentence in several important aspects. I’d really like to see the referenced photos. Where are they? I’ve yet to find a single photograph to support this claim. Please, show me!

Your “shelter partner” (or not?) suffers from severe credibility deficiency. I’ve followed several animal cruelty cases exactly like this one and information was never hidden from the public. The arrested individuals were shown, the police report was linked to—nothing mysterious about it. So why all the nonsense about “gathering information and evidence?” The “gathered information and evidence” was sold by GARD and its affiliates so the authorities obviously don’t need to gather more evidence. If it were still an issue the court wouldn’t have allowed the sale of the dogs. What gives?

Whose money is it?

On January 21st GARD asked for donations to care for the same dogs for which North Shore also solicited donations for the exact same purpose.

Love to Live Animal Rescue also used the same photo and also requested donations for the same animals.

I’m having flashbacks of Enron. Who is responsible for reconciling the money raised by two entities under three names for a single set of dogs? Is anyone responsible for bringing order to this chaos?

I could go on but it’s getting late. I honestly hope North Shore responds but I’m a realist. Unless/until North Shore shows up I’m going to let what I’ve written tonight stand alone. Should North Shore decide to engage with me I’ll be happy to continue.


  • Keturah Wylemski

    There has been quite a bit of controversy over the years concerning NSAL and quite a few in rescue have washed their hands of NSAL and quite a few of the common folk/public, have been sorely disappointed in them as well. I myself had a friend that generously donated to NSAL for many years, but no longer does. She is one of the disappointed ones. As a stand alone article, I think that the between the pictures and posts shown and the questions asked of all three entities featured, that people would wise up and also ask pertinent questions for the sake of the animals. The stakes are high and the animals are paying the price. Look at this shoddy means of transport!!! These dogs look pretty clear eyed and healthy, what in the hell happened to them in the interim? Why do dogs look worse after being held at GARD a few months?

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