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Score One for Me!

GARD posted this to their Facebook page two days ago but I hadn’t seen it until today. Thanks be to God, I might be getting somewhere!

That may sound a bit heartless. You may be thinking, “but Casey, what about all those poor dogs on the street or in the pound?” I’d have thought that too prior to stepping out of the car onto GARD property June 13th.

Harsh as it sounds, I think the dogs free of GARD are better off. A good kid might come along and take the dog home to a family who will treat that dog well. A shelter worker might talk to a friend about a dog and that dog is adopted (actually adopted, not sold.) At the very least the dog on the street has a chance to run away from danger.

Could that dog be hit by a car? Go hungry when a dumpster is empty? Pick up a shard of glass in its paw and get an infection?

Unfortunately yes, those are also possibilities. The possibilities are endless and many if not most are bad. I also know what will almost certainly happen to a dog taken into GARD’s custody and it is no better than the possibilities on the streets or in county shelters. Absolutely I hope a good rescue takes the dogs GARD isn’t getting but the fact that no additional animals are being subjected to GARD’s “care” makes my day.


  • Bonita Fisher

    My big question is why is G.A.R.D. getting the “hoarding cases” of purebred dogs, when no mention seems to be made in the media about the bust of any breeder/hoarder with these dogs? Media has always covered things like this, but none appear to know about these. 200 Pomeranians (or any breed) being confiscated usually brings news stories. 167 GSD’s removed from Candler Co. made NATIONAL news in Jan. 2019, as did the 90+ in Montgomery Co, yet these “bust” here were silent. Makes me go hmmm!

  • Keturah Wylemski

    I agree with Bo Fisher’s statement above as I know that it is the gospel truth. Many legitimate rescues are also familiar with GARD and the nefarious reputation that they bear in the dog rescue circles. I pray for the day that the actual proof results in actions taken against GARD. A world without GARD would be a better world indeed from my perspective. C’mon Georgia Department of Apathy, show us that Mark Murrah is not part of the problem as I am not seeing him as part of the solution. And I want to thank this website for going above and beyond to do what others have been unable to do

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