Georgia Animal Rescue & Defence Inc

Score Two!

Update 08/18/2020: Petsmart in Pooler GA just confirmed that GARD is still a “partner” but there have been no adoption events allowed for three months. So maybe I can’t take this point though it sure was nice to think it for a little while.

The scrutiny must be working. I’ll be posting again later (much more to go into) but when I checked GARD’s Facebook page a while ago I noted they are now doing dog adoptions by appointment.

If these appointments are occurring at 100 Dichoric Dragon Drive in Pembroke, GA I have to conclude they hired the largest construction and cleaning companies on the planet to make that place decent in 24 days.

If these appointments are occurring elsewhere I would really like to know where.

I’m not sure why this new “by appointment” routine appeared. I guess Petsmart revoked GARD’s “adoption” event permission? Funky Junction said no more? I don’t know but I am delighted to see that they may have cleaned that disaster pit. At least some of the parasites would be swept away.

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