Georgia Animal Rescue & Defence Inc,  Laws and Regulations

P.S. Mr. N, Esq.

I doubt I’ll be able to sleep until I get this off my mind.

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Page 3 ยง1 Item 5: My first thought upon reading this was, “hasn’t this guy ever heard of Google Earth?” Better yet, how about Google Maps Street View? Are you working up the lawsuit against Google now or are you waiting for an enormous retainer to pay for the fruitless years you’ll waste?

Flying a UAV, aka drone, over any piece of property is perfectly legal provided the ground-based pilot is appropriately licensed. With the exception of a few municipal laws, Georgia’s regulations mirror federal regulations. And guess what? The Feds also allow UAV operation with an appropriate license. Some limitations apply of course–a drone, like a goose, can cause a 747 serious problems–but on the whole your UAV diatribe is absurd and you must know that.

I want to send a helicopter equipped with infrared and high resolution visual cameras over 100 Dichoric Dragon Drive Pembroke GA so I can figure out exactly how many animals are on that property. If I can swing it, hyperspectral or multispectral would be fantastic but that’s pricey. It’s not yet out of the question–a relative is a helicopter pilot–but I won’t go there unless I must.

How does your client currently prohibit helicopters from invading “her” airspace and how does she intend to prevent future helicopter flyovers?

You know as well as I no individual owns the geometric layers of atmosphere above any piece of property. That you’d write such nonsense indicates either desperation or incompetence. I can’t decide which applies.

If I go for the helicopter flyover I’ll warn the pilot that your client intends to prevent it. That ought to be good for several buckets of popcorn.

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