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Where are you, GARD?

By this point I thought I’d have at least a few GARD supporters arguing that I’m not seeing things clearly, or haven’t taken XYZ into account. Something. I know I have over 500 individual viewers including a few dozen who come every day but never say a word. Many are in Georgia, especially the Savannah and Atlanta metro areas.

I really thought this could be a place of conversation or respectful argumentation. I’m a reasonable person. I can debate without behaving like a preschooler.

It’s really easy to post comments here. Unlike GARD, I don’t block people who ask uncomfortable questions or express doubts. If you’re worried about being traced go get a Hotmail account, make up a name and have at it. I don’t think you even have to enter a real email account and the name is completely open to falsification.

But no, nothing. Nothing at all. The implications are fascinating.

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  • Keturah Wylemski

    Sadly enough, many people are scared to speak up for fear of being called a big meany or something equally demoralizing. Seriously though, many people are afraid of being the victim of a witch hunt while the guilty parties dish out the hate and untruth, while bemoaning their own situation, The reality of it is pathetic because if you really are who and what you say and concerned about the animals, then speak up for them and do something, otherwise it is merely hollow platitudes.

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