When they’re trying to hack your. . ..

The past ten days have given me some excellent indicators that I’m getting near the heart of this mess.

  • The two email addresses accessible to a particular attorney were nearly invaded (I closed them down before any damage could be done)
  • One of the legal chain letter recipients was sent fraudulent text messages claiming to be from Wells Fargo asking the recipient to click a link (didn’t happen but still)
  • Another involved individual’s Apple ID was just hacked (Apple has been notified)

Law enforcement can do these things but only with a warrant. Not one of us has committed any crime (not even Mr N’s ridiculous letter claims criminal behavior.)

Lawyers? Particularly a hack lawyer whose wife is being exposed? Nope. I have the emails archived and the others are contacting appropriate authorities regarding their attacks.

No one does this kind of thing without a really good reason and I’ll bet four figures I know precisely the reason.


  • Jo McGlashan

    So, I got a few text messages on my phone, one from Wells Fargo, One from a Cash App, and one from AT&T saying my payment was insufficient. Well I do use AT&T, but after going thru the process, I realised it was a scam and had my bank account info changed. So do you think someone from that lawyer was trying to contact me? I’m not the most savvy on internet.

    • Casey

      I think so. Even though you changed your account number you might have unknowingly installed tracking or keystroke monitoring software so get your phone scanned for malware.

      I’m not clicking ANY link on ANY device unless I initiated the contact. Better safe right? The funny part is, I use different email accounts for different activities and the one account I use for all purchases is not accessible to the lawyer in question. I knew immediately what was going on and shut it down.

      I have a quick post on a conversation about this with my kid coming. Check back later. 😀

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