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GARD is running scared

After an unprecedented ten-day pause from daily Facebook posts, GARD came back with this:

GARD Facebook Post 08/24/2020 @ midnight
We want to start off by thanking our many supporters, volunteers and friends for all the ways you help us and now we are asking for you all to make phone calls and send emails. We have been operating in Pembroke for about 14 years and have wonderful working, professional relationships with Petsmart, our veterinarians, our suppliers and the Dept. of Agriculture. But GARD is currently under attack by a group of local women who have established two “hate” pages and are not only attacking us, personally and professionally but our employees, the Dept. of Agriculture inspectors, rescues we work with, places we hold adoptions and the vets we use are being attacked and slandered as well. They have filed numerous complaints with the Dept of Agriculture, the IRS , Petsmart and anyone else they can think of. (1) The issues with these women started with our involvement on the Boris case (see our Justice for Boris page for further details), his former owner is a part of the group.(2) Unfortunately groups like these are common on social media and any rescue is at risk. We have ignored them until now because engaging cyber-bullies only feeds the frenzy. We felt it was time to let our followers know that we are aware of the situation and that we, along with several of the other people being attacked are seeking legal remedy and have retained an attorney to handle it. Cease and desist letters have been sent out and further legal action is pending.(3) Meanwhile we will continue to do what we do best–help animals. As always we thank you for your support.We strive to give our animals the very best care and lots of LOVE!(4) From the bottle babies we take in, to the seniors needing extra TLC and extended veterinary care, everyone gets 110% from us. We could not do what we do without our incredibly awesome and valued employees and our amazing and oh-so-helpful volunteers. They say it takes a village and over the years we have seen that it sure does! So we are now looking to YOU, our many friends and supporters, to help us out. We have been the victims of some negative publicity and would like to put out there some POSITIVITY by none other than YOU! (5) We are asking the many people that have had a great adoption from us, a pleasant interaction at an adoption event, donated to us, our volunteers, etc, to let your voice be heard! Please go on our google page and leave us a great review (6) and tell your story, please email the GA Dept of Agriculture and tell your story! (7) We cannot outshine the darkness without the light of our supporters and now is when we need to shine my friends! Contact Gary XXXXXX, Georgia Office of the Inspector GeneralEmail: gary.XXXXX@agr.georgia.govPhone: (404) XXX-XXXX

Picking a good place to begin is tough because there’s so much wrong with it. I have to start somewhere so those places are in bold text and numbered for easy reference.

(1) It isn’t slander when it’s TRUE. The people making calls and emails aren’t pulling nonsense from the ether. They’ve had actual experiences with your organization. They’ve paid a lot of money to fix the animals to which you claim you give “110%.” My answer:

1.10 x 0 = 0

If you’re not happy that people are reporting you to the GA Department of Agriculture, you ought to have done far better with the $1,000,000+ you’ve taken in since 2014 (much more I think but that’s another post.)

(2) Not one of the people you’re talking about have anything whatsoever to do with this site or that Facebook page. NOTHING. ZILCH. ZERO. NADA. Not a single person involved lives within 100 miles of Savannah, Georgia. How much more clear must I be to make this simple statement of fact comprehensible?

(3) Your “cease and desist” letter is a joke I’ve already expounded on twice. I’ve been around since the beginning and know exactly who did what when and why. You people are absolutely clueless. Your continued insistence on this website being related to Boris (what is that about anyway?) is proof positive that you are as oblivious as you appear. And that’s okay with me. Feel free to stay stupid as long as you like.

(4) When I stood on that property, gagged at the stench and saw the conditions of the grounds, the animals and the buildings I knew you care nothing for those animals. As I’ve gathered evidence and listened to others’ experiences my initial impression has hardened into conviction. You couldn’t care less for any of those animals. The animals are merchandise you advertise (falsely in some cases) distribute and sell at the highest local market value. Love to Live Animal Rescue is your wholly owned “subsidary” distributing and selling your merchandise in PA, NJ and points north.

Plenty of people do the same: ranchers, shepherds, etc. Own it. Stop pretending to be a “rescue” and I’ll stop calling you out.

(5) “Victims?” Seriously? You get a hack out of state lawyer to file a completely false lawsuit with completely false allegations against a 70 year old woman, torment and sell sick animals for 16+ years, pay for legal chain letters to anyone who speaks out, but you’re the “victims?”

That is some Grade A bullshit (editorial discretion to use profanity since it’s the only word that really applies.)

(6) Did you guys notice Mr. N Esq demanding on Page 3 ยง2 that reviews on Yelp be removed? That’s because GARD cannot pay to get those reviews removed. Unlike Google, Yelp won’t take money to remove bad reviews. (I created the Yelp page for Love to Live Animal Rescue, someone else did the linked page.)

Before I started this website I performed an extensive search to locate reviews/blogs/etc. that document just how crappy GARD and Love to Live are in both monetary and animal welfare terms. I found the complete lack of such online material odd given the situation with our dogs. Now I know why that situation existed prior to my site’s launch. GARD uses unethical lawyers to shut people up.

GARD didn’t realize they hit the immovable object in June. I will NOT be quiet. I will NOT be intimidated. I will NOT stop until GARD is shut down and the acreage declared a hazardous waste site. Clear enough?

(7) Here’s an excellent example of fallacious thinking. It combines false equivalence with begging the question.

I’m glad some animals came out of 100 Dichoric Dragon Drive with only minor physical problems and some people didn’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to save the animals’ lives. All of that is good, and all of it is in spite of the conditions at 100 Dichoric Dragon Drive.

Those animals’ relatively good conditions say nothing about the condition of the other animals or the facility itself. That one dog is fine doesn’t mean the other dogs are also fine. It means this dog was healthier, has better immune function, wasn’t on site long enough to get the parasitic/bacterial/viral infections running amok, etc.

The entire request is an exercise in erroneous logic, not to mention a delightful indication that GARD is worried. The more they fret the happier I am.

I’ve repeatedly asked GARD supporters to prove me wrong and they’ve yet to arrive. Not that I’m surprised by their absence. Only disappointed.

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  • Keturah Wylemski

    This is an excellent article and I would love, love, love to see GARD and their supporters speak up and debate it. What is that noise I hear, could it be crickets?

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