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I have about 150 screen shots taken from GARD’s Facebook page, each of which I intend to write about at some point. I thought this post would be about GARD’s “record keeping” but as it turns out, it’s also about their lies.

On April 2nd they posted this photo:

In the photo comment they say:

We actually had someone make a comment about how our adoption fees should cover all of our expenses and we wish that was true but we are a working shelter with staff and a lot expenses to pay that foster based rescues do not have but we save 1000 dogs a year by adopting them and sending them to rescue partners so we feel our work speaks for itself. Our medical bills last year alone with over 60,000.00. Thank you all for your support…we love Y’all!

Okay, so they have staff to pay. Interesting they never report that on their 990s but okay.

I also find their “bookkeeping” suspicious. They took in more than $180,000 in 2018 but they can’t afford a computer and Excel? Anyone else find this suspicious?

On April 16th, fourteen days later, they post:

Today—-We currently have over 450 emails (including about 225 applications), over 100 FB comments, and 35 FB messages. We are a volunteer ran rescue. We have 2 people reviewing applications. We are caring for 100+ animals and the administrative side of things comes secondary to them. We simply do not have the time to respond to each person’s request for additional info. If you are interested in one of our dogs….please review our adoption policy on our website and submit your application online.

So in precisely fourteen days they went from having paid staff to being “all volunteers” who care for the 100+ animals on-site and haven’t time to deal with “administrative” stuff like, oh, purchase applications for which people have paid $10?

When an organization can’t keep their lies straight on something as basic as whether or not they have paid staff, their entire spiel goes right out the window. ZERO credibility.

GARD’s Facebook page is overflowing with this crap. One day “we’re all volunteers, don’t expect us to be competent,” the next day “our staff are soooo fantastic. . ..” Pick one and stick with it.

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