Georgia Animal Rescue & Defence Inc,  Show me the money

“We do except when we don’t.”

A quick post before another long one. On August 24th GARD posted about a cat they don’t have needing a Cesarean. In the comments, someone asked if donations were required before the cat received treatment. GARD came back with

“We don’t require donations to pull or save a dog or cat. We just get them safe and figure things out once they are.”

Except when they don’t, such as on January 24th of this year when they plainly said they couldn’t afford to treat a puppy supposedly hit by a car and required immediate donations to help the pup.

Smart of Jessica Critchley to catch that oddly phrased request and ask the question.

I think GARD comes up with sob stories when they need some extra money and throw it on Facebook in hopes people will hand over donations for events and/or animals that may or may not exist. How else to explain the never-ending contradictions?

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  • Old Ben

    Yup. It’s commerce when it needs to be commerce, but more often than not they wrap themselves in the charity cloak and use ruses like these to bilk the public.

    “We willfully and voluntarily took on this problem but its the responsibilty of you, the uninvolved public, to fix it. Then, once you do, we’ll turn the animal over for a cool, tax-less profit. ‘Cause, you know, charity.”

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