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Hailing on GARD Pt 1

I hate when the obvious smacks me in the face before I’ve finished my first cup of coffee. It happened again yesterday morning. The photo below was taken by Georgia Department of Agriculture Inspector Beth Miller on July 23, 2020   during a “routine” inspection of GARD .

I’ve looked at that picture hundreds of times and only this morning made the connection between this photo, Elaine Buzzeo and her family’s experience with GARD.

GARD posted this photo of Hail and her siblings on their Facebook page July 15, 2020. I’ve looked for an earlier post regarding the “Snowstorm Litter” and found nothing. Since there are no snowstorms in Savannah I guess it’s an inside joke.

Hail, now Hailey, began life somewhere in Georgia. Her origins are uncertain because 1) GARD can’t seem to keep a story straight to save their lives, and 2) I think this litter was intentionally bred to produce blue eyed pups (one blue, one blue with heterochromia and two browns are typical for pups from parents with blue phenotypes, not a blue/brown pairing.) GARD claims this litter is half Husky, half Lab which is complete nonsense. A Lab/Husky mix would not produce blue eyed pups (Labrador Retrievers carry no blue haplotypes.) I know Huskies quite well and nothing about those pups is the least bit indicative of half-Husky genetics.

Hail’s condition upon her arrival in Pennington NJ on July 28, 2020 isn’t a surprise to me. She had Bordatella, a distended stomach full of worms, a wounded paw that looks like a result of pawing at a wire cage, and was underweight (no surprise given the worms.) I’m glad it wasn’t worse given how she was living at GARD.

Hail’s adopters took her to a veterinarian immediately, which is more than can be said for GARD, where she was treated for her many physical ailments. She’s now living a happy dog life in spite of her time at GARD.

The GARD/Love to Live people, on the other hand, aren’t happy at all. Turns out Hail’s adopters weren’t willing to go away quietly and some GARD/L2L people decided to go nasty online. A hilarious turn of events as Amy Carter Clark (GARD Board Member and “Adoption Coordinator”) changed her Facebook profile picture to an “anti-cyberbullying” piece three days ago. I suppose in GARDLand it’s cyberbullying only when it pulls the curtain aside.

More about GARD/L2L’s hysterics at Hailing on GARD Pt 2.

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