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Hailing on GARD Pt 2

Elaine had her reasons for trying to stay in GARD/Love to Live’s good graces and she’ll reveal those reasons when she’s ready. Meanwhile, I couldn’t resist reading the hysterics on one of the Facebook groups Love to Live Animal Rescue uses to advertise its wares. Much is simply hilarious and some is kind of disturbing.

When I asked my friend about passing out a 501(c)3 number to be used by just anyone, she said she’d never heard of someone doing that. Her 501(c)3 EIN was carefully used and she never handed it out for use by a volunteer. She was responsible for everything done with that EIN.

Joy Bohannon doesn’t have a problem passing that EIN around.  Kim Janel is apparently using that EIN at will and handing it out like sweet tarts.

I’m confused. Kim Janel doesn’t have a 501(c)3 for her Northeast Animal Alliance group (see the IRS Charity Search page for yourself.) I find the name of her personal “charity” odd: NORTHEAST ANIMAL SUPPORT ALLIANCE A NJ NONPROFIT CORPORATION.

I’ve never seen a non-profit include “a nonprofit. . ..” in its incorporated name, especially when it doesn’t have a 501 exemption from the IRS. (See for yourself at the NJ Business Name Search app and the IRS Charity Search app.)

Love to Live Animal Rescue doesn’t have an EIN at all, much less a 501(c)3. Love to Live Animal Rescue doesn’t exist in any legal sense of the word (sorry, having a website does not a legitimate business make.)

GARD has both an EIN and a 501(c)3 but GARD isn’t registered to do business in the state of New Jersey. Yet the only EIN Joy Bohannon and Kim Janel can possibly be referring to is GARD’s EIN.

According to a letter written by an attorney named Bruce Sobel, Kim Janel has no financial ties to GARD, which is interesting since she’s using GARD’s EIN for purchases made in New Jersey. Huh.

What gives?

Elaine’s reasons are hers to tell so I can’t explain why I laughed so hard I cried upon reading the hand-wringing about pure bred dogs. GARD has falsely advertised so many dogs as “purebred” I couldn’t begin to keep count. Go to their Facebook page and see for yourself. I have reason to believe GARD itself is breeding purebred dogs obtained through Georgia Department of Agriculture inspectors and selling the resulting puppies with claims of having been “rescued” from some situation or another. (It’s always rabbit cages with GARD, like they put together an excuse and recycle it at every opportunity.)

And note that Elaine gave Kim Janel two days to get the crates and Kim didn’t show up. I think that puts the responsibility squarely on Kim Janel.

How many times must I write this?

Joy Bohannon is much older than I am. She hasn’t the first clue who I am, much less my friend or anyone else involved with us. Joy Bohannon is making assumptions about those who’ve decided to stand against her and, as my dad taught me years ago, making an ass out of herself while doing so.

As for Janel’s short diatribe about “anybody that (sic) wants to try and shut down an animal rescue. . ..” I’m 100% certain I’ve done more for animals using my own money and time than she’s ever dreamed of doing. Janel couldn’t manage to keep a 14 week old puppy overnight yet she’s making statements about who is and isn’t committed to animal welfare? She’s claiming GARD’s cesspool is a legitimate animal rescue? I’m “petty” for wanting each and every animal out of that nightmare?

As the kids used to say: Puh-lease.

I have the entire post with comments captured in case Kim Janel decides to delete it. If she does and you want a copy, let me know in the comments and I’ll send it to you.

Update 08/28/2020: I just noticed Amy Carter Clark is an admin of that group when I went to check for updates to that ridiculous post. Seems they figured out how to lock the group so I have to offer the entire post with comments. Open the image and use your favorite image application to enlarge.

Janel Group Post & Comments

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