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Vanishing Mothers

As I mentioned before, my friend ran a rescue for a decade and knows of what she speaks. She’s never seen a “rescue” with so many puppies needing to be fed via bottle and I don’t disagree. GARD is as vague as always so the precise number isn’t easily determined but based on the photos and comments it’s either nine or ten litters. I didn’t go back further than March 3, 2020 but I’ll wager a significant amount the pattern holds.

Where are the mamas? A pup should be bottle fed only when no other option exists. Puppies need the milk created by the mother’s body to develop properly. Puppy formula is a poor substitute. Pups also learn most of their behavior patterns from their mothers and pups taken from their mothers too early often have behavioral problems as adults. No competent animal manager would purposefully take puppies away from the mothers until eight weeks at the very earliest, twelve weeks is better, sixteen weeks best.

GARD would have me believe they came across nine or ten orphaned litters between March 3rd and August 6th 2020.  I don’t buy it. One or two maybe but nine or ten? There’s a very remote possibility that for some unstated reason GARD lost nine or ten females postpartum but those odds are very slim. The other possibilities:

  1. There are no orphaned pups and GARD is making money off the claim,  
  2. GARD is taking in orphaned pups from elsewhere (but why aren’t the originating sources mentioned?) or
  3. GARD is intentionally taking pups from lactating mothers to sell those mothers before the pups are weaned, then selling the pups as soon as possible.

In light of the spay and sale of a lactating female Pomeranian in April, I happen to think #3 is the most likely explanation. The person who purchased that female is reluctant to come forward. My friend has spoken with the woman many times and has seen the veterinary records. I have no reason to doubt the story’s veracity.

GARD could be engaging in all three behaviors. Since they’re so secretive and imprecise it’s hard to say for sure but I put nothing past them. So I ask again:

Where are the mamas?

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