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GARD is a Literal Cesspool

With all the items to study on the drone footage the strange green mass to the left didn’t leap out at me. Only after the significance was explained did I realize what I was seeing and why it matters.

I’ve said previously that the stench at 100 Dichoric Dragon Drive was overwhelmingly foul. Rotting meat was the dominant odor but there was something else I couldn’t identify and wasn’t worried about at the time. My friend noted both odors, the unidentified odor more noticeable to her than me.

I learned later that the unidentified stench comes from a small pond into which GARD has been pumping dog feces, food and God knows what else for more than a decade. The “kennel” drains feed into a main pipeline powered by an electric pump which empties the contents directly into the open pond.

The lime green color made sense once I knew what it was. That water is fetid beyond belief. I can only imagine the concentration of E coli, Staph, Strep, Parvo and dozens of other pathogens in that small volume of water. And that doesn’t include the chemicals (assuming GARD actually uses some sort of cleansing product.)

I’ve heard the fetid pond overflows during serious storms or heavy rains. Neighbors have their wells tested biannually because of that pond. Complaints have been filed with the county health department and Georgia Department of Agriculture over the years but nothing ever comes of it.

Now that GARD is attempting adoptions on-site we’ve wondered how they’re explaining the pond stench. GARD can’t purchase enough chlorine to make that pond halfway decent. A fleet of chlorine-filled dump trucks would be required to make the slightest difference. Our guess is they’ve created a tale about the neighbors to explain the stench but we aren’t certain.

We are certain that that pond is an environmental hazard. GARD ought to be closed for that alone and the property designated a hazardous waste zone, with appropriate compensation provided the neighbors.


  • Libby Williams

    Please, please tell me that the EPA and/or GA environmental agencies have been contacted, and will investigate. This is worse than federally-regulated pig factory farms with their “retaining” ponds, which are highly polluted and dangerous. Can you imagine the level of diseases and pollutants to nearby land and bodies of water, including campylobacter, from this literal cesspool?!?

    • Casey

      Many people have tried to get state and federal agencies involved. Hopefully it’s happening now but I’m not certain. Heaven knows it ought to have been dealt with years ago.

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