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Int’l Air Transport ASSN: GARD Flunks Again

GARD has no qualms about putting recently altered animals in overcrowded vans for 12-20 hours. By recently I mean 1-2 days post-op. One example: February 12, 2020 was a Wednesday and GARD plainly states their intention to put the animals either in crowded cages at a public “adoption event” or in a cargo van to ship to their “partner” (what a crude joke.)

Spaying is abdominal surgery, a little worse than neutering. Neutering isn’t exactly nail trimming either. Both procedures are painful and require at least a week’s recovery time. Yet these animals, altered as young as seven weeks of age, endure the drive from Savannah GA to NJ, PA and NY State with no pain relief, in delivery vans without climate control in the cargo area and zero consideration for the most basic comfort.

This is definitely not a singular event. On February 25th GARD openly announced on its Facebook page that they shipped pregnant females “north,” for what reason I cannot fathom. Does GARD sell pregnant females for a higher price than non-gestating dogs? Where did those pregnant females go and what happened to them and their pups?

A family member lived in South Korea for several years and when returning Stateside ran into an unexpected problem with the cat. Passenger airlines around the world instituted a policy prohibiting animals on airlines with flight times projected to last more than 12 hours, supposedly because the length of the flight is cruel to the animals.

That explains the rash of animals being left in the parking lot of Incheon International Airport. (The cat was fostered by an airline employee until arrangements could be made with a shipping airline as the visa expired at midnight.)

Twelve hours aboard an aircraft in a large crate is bad for a cat but twelve to twenty hours in a small carrier stuffed in a cargo van lacking climate control is acceptable for animals less than 3 days out of surgery or pregnant.

Anyone else wondering what GARD is thinking?

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