Finn Update

We gave Finn eleven weeks before deciding we had no choice. Finn has spent the last eleven weeks hiding beneath beds, hunched and terrified of everything and everyone. Small hints of progress pop up, only to disappear the next day.

In twenty years of handling dogs we’ve never had to use canine psychotropics. I am more convinced than ever that Finn was heavily drugged at the debt collection agency parking lot at which we got him. There is no other rational explanation for it.

Hopefully the medication will help Finn overcome his history. The medication has yet to build up serum concentrations sufficient to determine necessary dosage and the like, but so far his body posture is much more relaxed and he’s beginning to interact with one of the other dogs from GARD. He still has a long road to pseudo-normalcy even with the medication.

I’d happily take a horsewhip to whoever caused this little dog such terror.

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