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Hawkeye: Hail’s sire?

GARD posted the following March 20, 2020:

Spotlight dog of the day:Meet Hawkeye! Loads of personality with a heart of gold. This boy is a shelter favorite. …

Posted by Georgia Animal Rescue & Defence, Inc. (GARD) on Friday, 20 March 2020

Comparing the “Snowstorm” litter to Hawkeye, I wouldn’t be the least surprised to learn Hawkeye is the litter’s sire. The bi-eye and coat color would explain the pups’ odd phenotypes. Since the pups aren’t double-coated I wouldn’t expect any of them to have the guard hair color Hawkeye’s guard coat exhibits. Hawkeye’s undercoat absolutely could be the source of the pups’ single-coat color. And Hawkeye’s bi-eye genetics could be half the explanation for the pups’ eye colors. I have no idea the breed(s) of the mother but I’m thinking some sort of hound mix with blue eyes. Hail and Icicle’s blue and heterochromatic eyes respectively require a female with predominantly blue haplotypes.

I’ll pay for a genetic test to determine if Hawkeye is this litter’s sire. I know GARD performs genetic testing on dogs. Amy Carter Clark used DNA testing an unspecified dog to excuse her late arrival to a meeting. I also know GARD has a bad habit of waiting to alter animals until they expect a sale, which would explain how Hawkeye and the unknown female were able to produce the “Snowstorm” litter.

I’m sure Elaine would be amenable. What do you say GARD?

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