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Puzzle Piece Piles

I love puzzles of all sorts and completed hundreds of jigsaw puzzles as a kid. I always started with the edge pieces, working inward. An oddball piece with strange angles or colors that didn’t seem to fit went into piles for later assessment.

I have dozens of proverbial puzzle piece piles on my hard drive. One of the largest piles is the non-profit pieces.

In Hailing on GARD Pt. 2 I mentioned the EIN number that based on the conversation must’ve been used by Kim Janel and others to purchase items in New Jersey without paying federal and NJ sales taxes on those items. I thought there was only one EIN involved. Oops.

Over the past two days I’ve discovered that wading through the IRS Charity Search looking for entities is almost deadly for the eyes. The headaches were epic but not without reward.

Joy Bohannon is listed as the principal officer for a 501(c) called “Furever Luv” (don’t get me started on the juvenile spelling.) This organization’s address is listed on the 990 as 112 Drummond St Pennington NJ 08534.

I located four additional 501s in PA, NH and NJ that I think are either related to or directly connected to Joy Bohannon. Unfortunately I have to call the IRS to get details on those groups since their incomes allow them to file a postcard 990 that contains no information worth having. The IRS hold times are fairly long right now so that might take a while.

The puzzle pieces that fit are:

  1. Georgia Animal Rescue and Defence, Inc: EIN 20-5021466,
    1. 501(c) filed with IRS
    2. Address 100 Dichoric Dragon Drive Pembroke GA,
    3. Nothing with the NJ Consumer Affairs Division (not registered to do business in NJ)
  2. Furver Luv: EIN 47-1147862
    1. 501(c) filed with IRS,
    2. Address 112 Drummond Dr, Pennington, NJ 08534,
    3. nothing with the NJ Consumer Affairs Division (not registered to do business in NJ)
  3. Love to Live Animal Rescue: no EIN
    1. Doesn’t exist for the IRS at all,
    2. Address on the website is P.O. Box 63, Ringoes, NJ 08551,
    3. Cannot do business anywhere as far as I know as it is NOT listed under GARD’s EIN as DBA (doing business as) nor in the NJ Consumer Affairs division.

I’ve been told by several people that Joy Bohannon was chased out of New Jersey by a judge. I haven’t located this document for myself so have been reluctant to mention it, but it certainly would explain the reason for those three entities’ existence.

So three pieces are linked, I think. Only 1,497 to go! Good thing tenacity is a lifelong predominant characteristic.

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