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Where Are All the Females?

The GARD Cocker Spaniel mystery continues to morph into a farce. The most recent development I’ve seen is the listing of the “breeder” dogs on Adopt-a-Pet, which might not be odd if not for the fact that every single “Wayne County NN” dog is a “young male” with “BREEDER” in each description. First question: where are the females?

All of the “Wayne County” dogs have the word “BREEDER” in their descriptions. What is that about? It doesn’t occur on any of their other listed animals.

Click through the “Wayne County” animals to see yourself and note the special “Purebred” checkbox. For example:

It’s not only the Cocker Spaniels. Some Shih Tzu/Yorkie males are also listed as “BREEDER” and again, not a single female Shih Tzu/Yorkie in sight.

We’ve speculated since GARD got those dogs that they began taking sales applications long before the dogs were released to them (assuming that tale is true, which is not a safe assumption.) I don’t think the dogs have been released—why would a judge release animals to a “rescue” under state investigation?— but that won’t stop GARD from selling the dogs.

The whole fiasco stinks like week old fish.

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