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Mulling over Furever Luv, Georgia Animal Rescue & Defence, Northeast Animal Support Alliance and Love to Live Animal Rescue I realized additional hard drive puzzle pieces are not just related but coming together.

Sometime prior to February 2011: Love to Live Animal Rescue created www.lovetoliveanimalrescue.org (Side note: the Wayback Machine is incredibly useful for this sort of thing. Browse through the entries for www.lovetoliveanimalrescue.org to see how the site has changed since 2012.)

  1. Love to Live Animal Rescue’s web page appeared for the first time on the Wayback Machine February 12, 2011. The “About Us” page captured October 4, 2011 says they’re shipping “pre-adopted” dogs from Georgia but occasionally have events in Raritan NJ.
  2. On March 26 2012 Love to Live’s contact information is given as EMAIL: LoveToLiveAnimalRescue@gmail.com ADDRESS: P.O. Box 259 Sergeantsville, NJ 08557 PHONE: 609-948-4299
  3. By July 7, 2014 Love to Live’s address has changed to P.O. Box 63 Ringoes, NJ 08551 PHONE: 609-948-4299

August 22, 2013: Joy Bohannon charged with more than seven animal care violations in Ringoes, NJ. For example:

Joy Bohannon moved to Pembroke GA in 2005 to the best of my knowledge. The deed to the 100 Dichoric Dragon Drive property goes back to March 2008. So why did Joy Bohannon have a NJ address? It’s hardly illegal to have addresses in two states but it seems odd since this address has to have been a rental property. I can’t locate it anywhere in the name of Bohannon or Rutherford.

December 23, 2014: Joy Bohannon was ticketed with “CARELESS DRIVING: LIKELY TO ENDANGER PERSON OR PROPERTY” among other violations in Titusville NJ while driving a white 2013 Nissan van. Hmmmmm. One of these white Nissan vans?

The ticket was written two miles from 10 Independence Way Titusville NJ 08560. What a coincidence.

April 14, 2015: Joy Bohannon was convicted on seven of the animal-care charges in East Amwell Municipal Court, NJ.

The only NJ address for which I have definite evidence of Joy Bohannon’s residence is 10 Rocktown Hill Rd, Ringoes, NJ 08551, the location at which the NJ charges were filed in 2013. I have no idea how long she resided there.

Interestingly, that address is a mere nine miles from Kimberly Janel’s residence at 10 Independence Way Titusville NJ 08560. Records indicate Kimberly Janel has resided at that location since 2002 with her husband Steven Janel, who just happens to be the attorney who recently filed ridiculous charges against a Georgia woman with whom Joy Bohannon has had issues since 2014.

April 15, 2015: Furever Luv received 501(c) status.

Furever Luv’s 2018 990 lists its address as 112 Drummond St Pennington NJ and Joy Bohannon as the primary officer at 100 Dichoric Dragon Dr Pembroke GA. The 112 Drummond address is 9 miles from Kim Janel’s residence.

Note: I’ve heard that Kim Janel posted to Facebook that her husband defended Joy Bohannon in NJ but Kim Janel took her Facebook account down and I can’t verify that post. Nor can I locate Steven Janel as Joy Bohannon’s attorney on any of the NJ court records I’ve located thus far.

Picture a stack of jigsaw puzzle pieces being picking up, examined and compared to the other pieces. I’m not sure I have the correct sequence yet but I know for certain these pieces exist and are related. Precisely how the pieces go together isn’t yet determined but soon will be.

Many thanks to Ian Anderson et al for the entertainment while writing this post.

EDIT: I really need to get Luv Furever’s stuff off my hard drive but every time I think to do it I hesitate. Something in my gut says Furever Luv and Luv Furever are related though I have no evidence to support my gut.

At any rate, I replaced Luv Furever’s determination letter with the correct letter.

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