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Bohannon Doesn’t Know About EXIF Data

Update Below

I have so many thoughts running through my head that the obvious didn’t hit me until an hour ago: the photograph’s EXIF data.

Short Version

The EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) data for the image of the mortally injured puppy uploaded to Facebook by GARD indicates that the photo was taken 2020:09:08 01:58:35+00:00. GARD’s original Facebook post using this image was posted 2020:06:09 at 2100 EDT.

It’s impossible for a digital camera or cell phone used in Pembroke GA to have taken this photograph unless the owner intentionally set the date/time zone to somewhere between the Kamchatka Peninsula and far eastern Thailand. Even then the math doesn’t work. More likely the image was taken August 9, 2020 and GARD uploaded it a month later, claiming it as their own. I don’t see Joy Bohannon having the foresight to change her phone’s time/date settings that way and why would she? If anything she’d want the image to appear to be taken a day or two before she made the post, not 22-26 hours before AFTER the time and date the post was made, much less a month prior. That blows their donation fairy tale all to hell.

Long Version

Open a new browser window and go to GARD’s initial Facebook post. Then right click on the image of the puppy and select “Copy Image Location.”

Open a new tab or window and go to EXIF Viewer. In the “Go to URL” box paste the URL you copied from the Facebook image and click the GO button.

The result will be:

Look at the field named System:FileModifyDate. It says:

I’ve not been able to locate a datamap for the EXIF structure but some logic works here. The image was posted to GARD’s page September 6, 2020 at 2100. If the data structure is CCYY:MM:DD the photo was modified September 8, 2020 which is impossible.

So I’m thinking the format is CCYY:DD:MM which makes the date the photo was taken August 9, 2020 +/- 23 hours (depending on location.) That makes much more sense, particularly given GARD’s less than stellar reputation.

The puppy in this photograph has no more to do with Joy Bohannon and GARD than Elvis has with Buenos Ares.

Bohannon/GARD is lying to get money. Period. The only thing that will change my mind is a photograph of Joy Bohannon holding this same puppy with the stitched wound showing and that day’s newspaper in the foreground.

That will never happen because GARD has never laid eyes on that poor pup.

Update 09/10/2020

Tossed this around with another analyst who observed that the EXIF and metadata may have been modified by Facebook’s system and date maps aren’t always logical. Using GMT for system functions would make sense for Facebook since they’re a worldwide application and their date structures may be specialized for their own processing systems.

That doesn’t explain the date problem though. Even if it’s using GMT, the image is still older than the original post by at least 22 hours. Logically impossible if the date structure is CCYY:MM:DD, definitely possible if the date structure is CCYY:DD:MM.

Neither of us know or care what type of code Facebook uses (pal thinks Unix-based languages likely) but we aren’t interested enough to search for that answer. The other issues with the puppy tale make the EXIF data less important than it would’ve been had the rest of the tale matched the images.

We agree, however, that the manipulation of EXIF and other metadata during the Facebook upload process might corrupt the data enough to make it unreliable.

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