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Dancing With the Devil

Update Below

GARD posted this morning:

09/07/2020 11:22 am

As best I can determine, someone’s dog had pups and one of the 6-week old pups wandered off. When the pup returned more than a day later it was seriously injured. I wonder how the pup returned on its own in this condition, which in turn makes me suspicious of this “donation request,” but let’s run with it as posted.

Sherri Moore explains how the pup came to be in this condition and the events following which led to the pup being taken to GARD. In response, GARD says:

“we want the rest if (sic) the litter and have been trying to get them so this doesn’t happen to them.”

Why does GARD want the rest of the litter? What possible purpose could they have for that statement other than they want to make money off this event by selling the rest of the litter and the female? None I can find as Sherri Moore makes clear the owner did not injure this puppy.

Joy Bohannon has a long history of using county law enforcement and Georgia Department of Agriculture staff to obtain dogs she wants. If the owner refuses, all hell will likely break loose.

By taking the injured puppy to GARD the owner of the female and pups put him/herself on Bohannon’s dance card—not a place anyone in that area wants to be.

Then again. . ..

I have serious doubts about the veracity of this “emergency.” No veterinarian was specified as a “donation” recipient, and the request for “Pedigree canned puppy and Blue buffalo puppy food” makes no sense at all. This pup will require IV fluids for days and assuming it survives, a very careful diet for some time afterward. I doubt Pedigree canned puppy food is close to adequate.

GARD also writes, “we get calls for medical help often but lately its been never ending. . ..” Really? I haven’t seen any posts about that to their Facebook page or website. GARD takes every opportunity to ask for donations and medical emergencies are usually fundraising bonanzas. What precisely are these “never ending” medical emergencies? When did the requests for help occur, for which animals and what were the outcomes?

Don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath for answers.

I think the Georgia Department of Agriculture has put a stop order on GARD prohibiting incoming animals. I know for a fact there are two investigations on GARD underway: one at the state level and one federal. I think there are four or five more either under consideration or in the initial phases but haven’t received confirmation of those. The two underway investigations are enough to warrant a stop order on GARD and the Georgia Department of Agriculture would be incredibly remiss in not placing a stop order on GARD under these circumstances.

I’ve also noted with satisfaction that GARD’s Facebook fundraising has plummeted. Their concrete fundraiser got all of twenty five dollars. GARD hasn’t posted any “adoption” events at any public venue since August 15th. I’m sure a good portion of GARD’s income derives from those “events” and the loss of income is irksome for Joy Bohannon.

As best I can tell the transport to and sale of animals in New Jersey continues. Those sales are a significant income stream for GARD so they’re hardly scraping the bottom of the financial barrel, provided Joy Bohannon is halfway decent at budgeting and planning. I’m not sure about Pennsylvania or New York sales. The Georgia Department of Agriculture isn’t releasing CVIs dated June 1 2020 to current date due to their investigation into GARD.


I’m 50/50 on whether this “emergency” actually occurred. If it’s real, I feel for the dogs’ owner. (S)he has no concept of the nightmare about to descend.

It could be fundraising ploy with no fact behind it. The lack of a veterinary office name precludes any method to confirm its veracity. If this “emergency” is fraudulent I hope someone reports GARD and appropriate action is taken.

On a Tull Kick this weekend.

Update 09/07/2020

On reflection and based on the photo I think this entire post is bovine excrement.

It’s early September in coastal Georgia. Flies are still out in droves and an injury days old would be crawling with maggots among other distasteful infestations. The wound looks too clean to be days old.

Then there’s the extremely unlikely scenario of a six week old puppy going home in this condition from an unknown location. Blood loss and dehydration would incapacitate that pup to the point walking more than 50 feet would require divine intervention.

I don’t believe a word of it. I’m sure this happened to some puppy somewhere at some point in time but I do not believe it’s anywhere near coastal Georgia right now.

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