Georgia Animal Rescue & Defence Inc,  Injured Puppy

IF GARD’s Puppy Tale is True

Editorial discretion to use mild profanity

The gloves are off tonight. The severely injured puppy story is disturbing in so many ways I can’t keep track.

Let’s say they’re telling the truth. I don’t believe that for a second but let’s go into GARDLand and pretend it’s truth.


GARD posted the following earlier this evening:

You’re shitting me right? A “saline flush” and “antibiotics” and “wound spray?” And where the hell would GARD get IV pain medications sufficient to handle THAT injury?

Who is caring for that pup overnight? Not a single soul on site at 100 Dichoric Dragon Drive Pembroke GA has the skills necessary to keep that pup alive, much less comfortable, with that sort of wound. They’re all completely unqualified for such a task. Hell, they can’t even get deworming protocols correct (more on that tomorrow, along with my vet’s assessment of the story and some canine physiology.)

IF they’re telling the truth, they are the cruelest bastards I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter and should be arrested immediately. What I’d like to see done isn’t exactly legal but that’s emotion talking.

Fortunately for them I’m absolutely convinced they’re lying to get money from the unsuspecting people on Facebook. Fraud isn’t much better than allowing a puppy to suffer unimaginable pain for God knows how many hours but it’s a micrometer to the better end of the scale.

What a bunch of. . …

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  • Keturah Wylemski

    This literally makes me sick to my stomach. Common sense folks, but y’all keep throwing your money at these “animal saviors”. A fool and his money…

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