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The Hawkeye Challenge Pt 2

GARD’s response to my speculation about Hawkeye being Hail’s sire is what appears to be a screen shot and a paragraph in which they claim, among other things, that Hawkeye came to them already neutered.

At least this looks like a legitimate veterinary record, unlike the normal GARD “medical records” they post on Facebook.

Why GARD removed the identity of the veterinary facility is beyond me. Confirmation is impossible, which leads me to believe they don’t want anyone attempting to confirm it. Why might that be?

More interesting is the contradiction between the medical record posted last night and the claims regarding Hawkeye’s behavior on the same post. GARD claims:

“He had been abused by someone before we got him, so much so, that we had to keep the crate he was transported in because when he arrived he was very scared and snapping at us.”

The medical record provided in the same post clearly states that the animal about which the data is recorded has no bite history and poses no danger.

So what’s the deal GARD? Did your treatment of this animal result in his “snapping” at you? Is that entire sentence a lie? Is this medical record for a different animal entirely?

Surely GARD doesn’t expect me to take their word for it. A Soviet ruble is worth more than every word written on GARD’s Facebook account. At least the ruble has historical value.

Since GARD is confident that Hawkeye is not Hail’s sire, why not go for the genetic test? It’s a guaranteed win for GARD isn’t it?

Isn’t it?

I hope the family pictured actually has Hawkeye and they treat him well.

The music playing usually reflects my emotional state but today I needed the music to alter my emotional state. When that’s required, Ronin and Michael always come through. Hard to stay angry listening to Strings of Fire and the finale always makes me smile. Fabulous show.

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