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The Master’s Daily Lesson

Quoting Obi-Wan:

Why would an apparently unrelated 3rd party turn over a SEVERELY injured dog to a rescue for treatment? Why does that even make sense? If I found an animal in that state I think my first call would be to an emergency vet and the next would be to a priest.  That thing is in bad, bad shape.  But instead of driving the 5, 10, 15 miles to a vet, you waste that same amount of time driving it to some trailer in the country and say “good luck”? Doesn’t pass the smell test.

And then why does GARD waste absolutely no time in broadcasting their and the animals situation? Don’t they make an immediate trip to a vet?  And what fucking vet in their right mind is giving medical instructions over the phone for what is obviously a grave injury? Flush with saline? Take two of these and call me in the morning? That’s totally preposterous. Further, it’s shameful that GARD would self-congratulate for in-home vet care. But, that’s the bullshit that this whole thing is predicated upon, the entire cult of personality: ignore what is sensible even if it prolongs the plight of the animal.  In doing so, we inflate our own position, create an emergency “need” where there wasn’t one previously, and lead the rats into the river.

Because Obi-Wan is even further from Savannah GA than I am, he doesn’t know just how close to GARD’s property three open emergency veterinary clinics were on Saturday September 6 2020 @ 11pm.

34.8 Miles to Companion Animal Hospital @ 335 Stephenson Ave. Savannah, GA 31405

35.2 Miles to Savannah Veterinary Medical Center @ 2014 E Victory Dr, Savannah, GA 31404, USA

38.3 Miles to Savannah Animal Care @ 4753, 200 US-80 E, Ste, Savannah, GA 31410

Three vets open Saturday September 5, 2020 for 24-hour care and GARD chose to NOT take the Injured Puppy to any of them. I know Angela doesn’t think much of one of the emergency vets but all three?

The veterinarian to which GARD claims to have eventually taken the pup on Tuesday, September 8, 2020—more than 48 hours after taking custody of the Injured Puppy—is 59.4 miles from GARD’s property.

Makes absolutely zero sense unless. . .. Hmmmmmmmm.

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