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The Cocker Crock

I haven’t checked on the Cocker Spaniel farce in a couple of weeks and GARD hasn’t posted anything new about it. Imagine my surprise when I checked GARD’s Adopt-a-Pet page this morning and discovered all of the Cocker Spaniels “breeders” are gone. Each and every one.

I’ve wondered why any judge would release animals supposedly taken into custody due to neglect into the custody of an organization under state and federal investigation for animal care concerns.

Now I’m wondering if those Cocker Spaniels were returned to their owner. Hard to say since GARD is keeping a lid on the issue and the Georgia Department of Agriculture has halted all GARD-related FOI requests.

Will GARD return the $5,000+ they got from Facebook donations for those dogs? I know, I know. . ..

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