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Wholly Hypocritical

10/21/2020 Update Below re: Links

Mulling over GARD’s “Adoption” Contract is an exercise in illogical frustrations and blatant hypocrisy. Today’s example:

“Allowed to sleep indoors and protected from inclement or adverse conditions,” huh? Hypocrisy is a kind word for this sentence given the animals’ care at GARD.

Most dogs at GARD are kept in small outdoor kennels, many with multiple dogs per kennel, with only a tin roof as cover. Some get a tarp and small dog house in a fenced area containing multiple dogs and no climate control. Hurricane Sally is pounding that area now and those animals are subject to wind, rain, etc. Then there’s the oppressive heat those animals endure during the long coastal Georgia summer.

GARD expects purchasers to care for the animals far better than GARD itself does and that says a lot.

Aside: I’m not playing the rhetorical game of calling it “adoption.” GARD doesn’t care who gets the dog as long as GARD gets the money. The dogs are sold, period.

10/21/2020 Update

GARD is changing their website. To view what I’ve linked to, go to the Wayback Machine’s Capture Records for and select the appropriate page.

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