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$2,188,705 in 10 years

It’ll be a quick post today. After reading GARD’s post about their privacy fence and “food storage building” I wondered how much money GARD has taken in since they opened. Because I have their IRS 990s for 2008-2018 I decided to find out.

The sum of all income reported by GARD to the IRS from 2008-2018 is $2,188,705. More than two million dollars and they’re just now building a secure food storage unit? Where has the food been stored since 2008?

More than two million dollars over ten years and they still keep these animals in filthy conditions with little to no sanitation and ineffectual “veterinary” care, much of which they claim to do themselves?

I could do a lot for 8,316 dogs with two million dollars over ten years (831 dogs annual average for ten years based on the number of animals GARD claims to have “rescued” between 2009-2013.) Interesting how they stopped listing the number of dogs sold “in the Northeast,” isn’t it?

There has never been an excuse for the condition in which animals leave GARD. Knowing the amount of money GARD brings in makes any attempted excuse that much more absurd.

Someone ought to sue.

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