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GARD & More NJ 501s

I was hit by the Y2K bug during a small project in 2010 and spent a week with two programmers going through code line by line trying to figure out why our code changes weren’t working. Turned out our new code invoked a single line of code written for the Y2K project in 1999 that had never been invoked. I’ll never forget the two programmers and I looking at one another in disbelief.

Missing something like that is every analyst’s bane and it hit me again this morning. I really, really need a set of those huge whiteboards that go around the room. A group of good analysts would be helpful too. Reliable people to back check and review are priceless.

I said previously that I hadn’t deleted Luv Furever’s data from my hard drive despite failing to find a connection between the two. DUH! It’s right freaking there in Box J: Website!

Furever Luv’s 2018 990

Luv Furever’s 2018 990-N

I don’t know yet how those two physical addresses are related. The wait times for the IRS are insane right now. I’ve given up twice but I’m going to have to sit on hold for however long it takes to get a human on the phone. I need the names of the board members and other pertinent information to help me complete the connection.

That there IS a connection is no longer a matter of gut instinct. The connection is right there in official IRS documents.

Why GARD/Bohannon has TWO New Jersey-based 501s, neither of which are registered with the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs, is a question that leads to all sorts of interesting speculation. Who is Linda Malone? How does she fit in GARD’s scheme? Who owns the property in Carteret NJ?

Might have to find some white boards after all. Any good analysts want a side project?

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