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Want the Truth?

My friend knew GARD is not a legitimate rescue upon receipt of the following email:

The dogs to which GARD are referring are those taken from their origins in wire cages on an open trailer fewer than seven days prior to the date of this email.

Looking at their Facebook page and website one would think GARD actually knows the animals in their possession (no, not GARD’s care) and is finicky about those who purchase the animals.

GARD “guidelines”

Facebook Post 1/15/2020

Facebook Post May 2, 2020

I can go on with this but you get the idea. GARD wants people to believe they give a crap about the animals and are selective about purchasers.

They don’t and they aren’t. I’ve yet to speak to a single soul whose “references” were checked or who was refused a dog. Mine weren’t and I wasn’t despite not having “all family members” present or any of the other standards they claim to mandate. I could have walked out of there with all seven remaining dogs if I’d wanted. All GARD cares about is getting the money.

Consider: the dogs they offered my friend in the email above weren’t seen by a veterinarian or “temperament tested.” GARD took those dogs and started offering them for sale less than a week later, in my friend’s case to someone they knew only through email and whose references were never checked.

I’ll bet a considerable sum most people believe GARD’s crap and that’s a shame. Plenty of real rescues suffer due to charlatans like GARD.

It’s been a mandolin and moonglow kind of day.

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