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Hey, Clifton NJ

Having run more than one website I’m well aware of the multitude of worldwide hackers, both automated and manual, and know how to defend against them.

One location is both amusing and irksome. Why the individual at 40°50’11.0″N 74°08’25.1″W thinks (s)he is special is beyond me. Ever hear of 2FA, Clifton NJ? Or server logs?

I’ve heard Joy Bohannon spent quite some time in that area of NJ and may still have friends there. Interesting coincidence isn’t it?

I get email notifications when someone fails a brute force attempt and this particular address shows up regularly. I can’t help but wonder what that’s about and, more interestingly, why they’re bothering. Pennington maybe? Bohannon? Pure coincidence?

The possibilities are fascinating.

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