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You Can’t Make It Up

In one post GARD has raised several interesting questions. Okay, I admit I laughed but I’m trying to be serious, promise!

Wait. Back in late August GARD claimed they were hosting “adoptions” on their property at 100 Dichoric Dragon Drive in Pembroke GA. Then they suddenly started going to a small town called Ellabell to sell dogs out of an “antique” store when they supposedly had a nice, clean trailer out of which to sell animals. Now they’re undergoing “kennel renovation?” This sequence makes no sense at all.

It’s hard to “overhaul” a database that never existed. Unless they’re calling the three ring binders specified in the Georgia Department of Agriculture reports “databases,” in which case I’m going to sprain my eyeball ligaments with the eye roll. I’ll have to check their “overhauled” website later.

Given the unbelievably foul stench I experienced on GARD’s property I find the comment about smell hilarious. Has this individual never stood in front of the gate at 100 Dichoric Dragon Drive Pembroke GA and inhaled through the nostrils?

The Cocker Spaniel farce appears to be playing out with GARD’s typical secrecy and hand-waving. I’ve yet to locate the origin of these animals (a legitimate neglect case would generate at minimum a police report) and no one has even attempted to refute my assertion that GARD is no better than the Cocker’s original location.

Just another money making scheme using these animals as merchandise.

Speaking of which, as of September 29, 2020 the Georgia Department of Agriculture said GARD is “under investigation.” How did a “rescue” under investigation get supposedly neglected animals released for sale? Why hasn’t the Georgia Department of Agriculture put a stop order on GARD?

So many unanswered questions and suspicious activities. . ..


  • Keturah Wylemski

    I want to commend this website for the excellent and ongoing job that they have done by providing their service, dedication and commitment to our community, encompassing both animals and humans. While I do see a few replies to some of the articles posted, I have noticed the complete absence of people stepping forward to defend those featured in your articles. One must ponder the reason why, could it be lack of conviction or merely cowardice? My personal opinion is that it is a combination of both. What a shame as I am sure that the ensuing discourse would be extremely enlightening and downright entertaining. Sadly enough, some people have no defense when presented with actual facts and evidence and therefore will likely remain conspicuously silent and merely come here to secretly gawk. Once again, as an animal advocate and native resident to Georgia, I thank you.

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