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O.C.G.A. §16-12-4 In Action

GARD’s absurd conflations of cruelty and “rescue” just keep coming.

This dog was supposedly in respiratory distress, and white gums indicate a possible internal hemorrhage. The dog has a gunshot wound of some sort, is very weak and shows indications of renal failure.

GARD rushes the dog to the veterinarian, right?

Of course not! They leave the dog in the care of an unidentified individual who claims to have access to “meds” to treat this dog, and the dog is left to suffer on a floor somewhere from October 16th to October 17th or 18th (depending on which date you believe, the system date or the typed “update” date). GARD posts the request for money as soon as possible (of course they request money before bothering to call a veterinarian.)

I want to know how they managed to get the “living carpet of fleas” off the dog. Capstar? Given to a dog that is having trouble keeping water down? How did the “medical foster” get the pill down the dog’s throat and keep it down when the dog is having trouble with water? And what idiot gives a dog in serious distress unnecessary medications without knowing whether hepatic involvement is a factor?

Or are they claiming they gave this dog a flea bath—a dog they claim is “cold to the touch and lethargic.” What, were they trying to kill this animal?

Once again, the details are suspicious.

So this makes three instances of animal cruelty that I know of. Sarge, the Injured Puppy and now this dog were all denied prompt and adequate veterinary care. The Injured Puppy suffered more than 48 hours, this dog at least 18 hours and Sarge suffered for years.

GARD’s boastful posts detailing their indefensible cruelty toward these animals is disturbing. I can’t decide whether they actually believe their own press or are too vested in the money they hope to generate to care that they’re publicizing their own crimes.

For anyone in need of a definition, the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s website defines animal cruelty as:

What is the legal definition of animal cruelty in Georgia?
a.  Cruelty to Animals (misdemeanor charge): A person commits the offense of cruelty to animals when he/she causes death or unjustifiable physical pain or suffering to any animal by an act, an omission, or willful neglect.  O.C.G.A. §16-12-4

§Willful neglect means the intentional withholding of food and water required by an animal to prevent starvation or dehydration.  O.C.G.A. §16-12-4

§Adequate food and water means food and water that is sufficient in an amount and appropriate for the particular type of animal to prevent starvation, dehydration, or a significant risk to the animal’s health from a lack of food or water. O.C.G.A. §§4-11-2, 4-13-2

§Humane care of animals means, but is not limited to, the provision of      adequate heat, ventilation, sanitary shelter, and wholesome and adequate food and water, consistent with the normal requirements and feeding habits of the animal’s size, species, and breed. O.C.G.A. §§4-11-2, 4-13-2

When GARD takes an animal into its possession GARD knowingly accepts responsibility for ensuring that the animal is not subject to “unjustifiable physical pain or suffering.”

By willfully denying easily accessible veterinary care to severely injured animals for extended periods of time—hours to days—GARD is declaring itself in violation of Georgia law. How can anyone justify withholding legitimate veterinary care from these animals for days to, in Sarge’s case, years?

Where are you, Georgia Department of Agriculture? It’s not like GARD is hiding their behavior. They willingly detail their deeds on Facebook for all to see. Are you people blind?

I’m not holding my breath. . ..

Of course there’s the possibility that this is yet another instance of GARD appropriating images from other sites and creating a suitably pitiful tale to get donations. In light of Joy Bohannon’s “illness” over the weekend and the resulting loss of sales last weekend, maybe this seemed like a good ploy to pad the bank account. At this point who knows?

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