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GARD’s Profitable Partnerships

On November 16th GARD posted about a Yorkie that they claim has an open fontanel and hydrocephalus.

The images of the supposedly ill Yorkie GARD struck me immediately as yet more evidence of what several people have told me over the months: Joy Bohannon not only breeds dogs herself, she has existing agreements with local breeders to take older and excess purebred dogs from breeders to sell to the public as supposedly “rescued” dogs.

I’ve spoken to a few breeders who’ve given dogs to Joy Bohannon to be “petted out.” The breeders contact GARD when they have dogs that need to be sent to pet homes. GARD travels to the breeders’ locations to obtain the dogs, almost always with no charge. GARD then sells the dogs, usually after transporting the dogs up I-95, where they get as much as $700 per dog. It’s a lucrative arrangement.

Brokering dogs from breeders to pet homes isn’t inherently deceptive. If GARD advertised itself accurately as a dog dealer, it wouldn’t matter how the dogs come into GARD’s possession. Because GARD advertises itself as a “rescue” the rules change dramatically.

In the case of yesterday’s Yorkie post, the images GARD posted are exactly what one finds on most breeders’ sale ads. For example:

Note the staged aspect of these images from people selling intentionally bred Yorkshire Terriers on the internet.

Now compare with the images posted by GARD:

It’s not just the Yorkie. GARD posted three “Dachshund/Chihuahua” pups using the same technique on October 2nd. One of the three is enough to demonstrate:

GARD claims they still don’t have the time to adequately manage “adoption” applications but they have the time and materials to stage photographs?

What a screwball prioritization scheme.

Update 11/25/2020

At least they admit it. On Facebook anyway.

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